Robos World: The Zarnok Fortress

Help Robo defeat the Zarnoks

Explore this tactical, action platformer with sandbox features

A joint venture with Bluish-Green Productions. Set aboard a planet-sized star fortress, your objective is to help Robo defeat the Zarnok robots by sabotaging their ship. The sandbox-styled environment lets you explore Robo’s detail-oriented world, which features 5 different zones:

  • The Hallways let you travel between the different zones
  • The Engine Room can help you slow down the approach of the fortress.
  • The Great Grid is where you can sabotage the A.I. core to lower the intelligence of the Zarnok robots.
  • The Weapons Factory: by destroying enemy weapons here, their forces will be less effective and will have fewer grenades.
  • The Body Building Zone is where the Zarnoks are assembled; by sabotaging it, there will be fewer enemies to contend with throughout the ship.

Use the Digital Environment to fast travel between the zones to keep the Zarnoks on their toes, but be careful, danger lurks even here.

Be tactical in your strikes against the Zarnoks, as they can repair damaged zones and will have production up and running if you wait too long.

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