About Us

Immersive technology meets... Everything

Our work is a natural extension of our love of games

We like games because they make us think. They challenge us, they entice, and they can tell rich stories with little to no words. But most importantly, they’re fun.

At their best, games are the compelling—no, coercive—intersection of art and technology. They draw you in, and send you on a journey fueled by your innate curiosity.

At Bellwood Studios, we approach all our work the same way. From web design overhauls to animating short films, we immerse individuals in cinematic landscapes and intriguing narratives—not as observers, but as participants—and guide them through productive, digital environments. By crafting interactive experiences that respond to individuals’ actions at every level, you stay hooked even after you reach a journey’s end.

Our philosophy is simple. We think the world needs more fun, unexpected, and mildly addictive things. How about you? Good. Let’s get started.